Magnet Sticks

Magnet Sticks

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  • Cut at different angles
  • Embedded magnet
  • Made from 3 types of real wood
  • Includes set of 6

Add a touch of magic to any magnetic surface with our magnet sticks. Magnet sticks are made from a variety of real woods (beech, black walnut, and birch). They are cut at different angles, giving the appearance of sticking out of the surface in all different directions.

Each set includes six magnet sticks.


Beech, black walnut and birch wood


2 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches

About the Maker

Danny and Tammer combine fine woodworking with experimentation to bring new life into everyday objects. They believe successful designs are simple, functional, beautiful and playful. They have also won the Inhabitat Green Design Award.