Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener Wrench

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  • Made from 20 layers of solid carbon fiber
  • 1/2" wrench on one side, bottle opener on the other
  • Embedded magnet to stick to metal surfaces

For an auto, bicycle or engineering enthusiast, carbon fiber is the ultimate material.  Known for its ultra lightweight and super strength, it's used in the fastest supercars, the best bikes and in aerospace.  This unique product is made from 20 layers of 1/4" thick real carbon fiber.  One end is a 1/2" wrench while the other is a bottle opener.  A magnet is integrated on the inside so it can be stuck to any metal surface, like your toolbox or fridge.


Carbon Fiber


5.5 x 1.0 x 0.2 inches

About the Maker

This Washington state-based trio loves working with carbon fiber material. The young team involves a mix of experience in business and engineering, which have come together to develop some interesting enhancements in the world of carbon fiber by utilizing lasers.